REGISTRATION: From the 7th to the 26th of October via web or e-mail. In person, Friday 28th from 16h30 to 20h and Saturday 29th from 9h30 to 13h. Registration is via web at or e–mail with the details to (registration costs are 20€). For El Baluard members inscription is for free. Payment can be done in person during the registration. This registration gives right to participate as well as the participation in the different free activities.

Each participant that registers at least 5 figures with a minimum size of 54mm in either the historical or fantasy category will be awarded with a 75mm mounted figure of Martí I l’Humà or a 75mm fantasy figure free of charge. Except participants in the category Dioramas & vehicles which will be awarded a different gift.

The registration can always be modified without any additional cost, even in person. The registration process includes the reception, with the opportunity for verifications and modifications, payment if needed, labeling and the delivery of pieces to the organization. Only the organization members will place the pieces in the corresponding display showcases. NO SPECIAL DECORATION IN THE DISPLAYS WILL BE PERMITTED. The participant can give to the organization a small scheme of the ideal position of the figures and the organization will use its best efforts to accommodate. All the material will be protected inside glass showcases; therefore it will not be possible to see the back of the figures. Junior participants will not have to pay any registration fee.


CATEGORIES: The Contest will follow the OPEN system, and will be divided in 5 main categories:

– Junior: People younger than 18, participating with figures of any themes.

– Historical: All the figures located in likely historical contexts, coming from a

real, cinematographic or literary origin, in three levels:

• General (beginners or people with some experience).

• Master painting (Painted commercial figures from consecrated artists)

• Master Open (painted figures either major converted or original

creations from consecrated artists)

– Fantasy: All the figures of various themes (Science-Fiction, fantasy, war games, etc.) that do not belong to the Historical category. The fantasy category will have three levels:

• General (beginners or people with some experience).

• Master painting (Painted commercial figures from consecrated artists)

• Master Open (painted figures either major converted or original

creations from consecrated artists)

– Original sculptures: Figures not commercialized yet, Scratch built, unpainted or just with primer. Any theme and scale (size) will be accepted.

– Dioramas & vehicles: For displaying a maximum size of 70 x 25 x 25cm is allowed.

El Baluard will reward 9 Special prizes General and Master category: Ancient, Middle age, Napoleonic, 20th century, Fantasy, Diorama, Planes, Vehicles and Flat figure.

JURY: The Jury will be composed of sculptors and painters with international reputation. The Jury guarantees that all displays will be evaluated equally, and the final score will determine the classification and the winner. The Jury reserves the right to change the category of a figure in case they consider it appropriate and all their decisions will be unquestionable and irrevocable. The Jury will have special display cabinets to exhibit their work but will not participate in the Show.

ORGANIZATION: On Sunday October 31st there will be the Awards Ceremony, where gold, silver and bronze medals and several Special Awards will be given to the winners. Also a Best of show Historical and a Best of show Fantasy will be awarded.

Only when the ceremony is completed (14h30 on Sunday 30th) the participants will be able to withdraw their pieces. All the material will be protected within crystal display cabinets and the Organization will have monitoring personnel. The Association El Baluard declines all responsibility on the material exposed during the days of the Exhibition, the assembly and the disassembly. The Organization will be able to record or to photograph all the pieces and to publish them in internal bulletins or through specialized magazines. The organization will disqualify and/or remove any work that is considered offensive.


Registration: Friday 28th from 16h30 to 20h Saturday 30th from 9h30 to 13h

Show Opening: Saturday 29th from 9h30 to 20h

Sunday 30th from 9h30 to 13h30

Awards Ceremony: Sunday 30th at 13h30

Figures withdrawal: Sunday 30th October just after the Awards Ceremony (from 14h30 to 15h and from 17h to 20h; between 15h and 17h it will not be possible to pick up the pieces)